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f. kasa çeliği ile bağlamak
i. kasa çeliği (gemi), köstek çubuğu
Almanca - Türkçe - toggle Telaffuz
değiştirme, geçiş, tahta düğme, tahta dügme
İngilizce - Almanca - toggle Telaffuz
n. Knebel
v. knebeln, mit einem Querholz verbinden od. befestigen
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n. long pin or rod inserted between loops of rope to prevent slippage or make attachment; long rod-shaped button; joint which is fastened with a toggle; horizontal support beam used in frames (Theater); electrical switch that works by forcing a lever through an arc, toggle switch
v. strengthen through a long rod or bolt; alter from one position to another
İngilizce - Fransızca - toggle Telaffuz
n. cabillot, olive (de vêtement); barrette; interrupteur à bascule (Electricité)
v. alterner; sélectionner
İngilizce - İtalyanca - toggle Telaffuz
s. cavicchio; (Mar) borello, borrello, coccinello; olivetta di legno
v. rafforzare con una corda
İngilizce - Portekizce - toggle Telaffuz
s. cavilha; trabelho; botão de alamar
v. segurar com cavilha
İngilizce - Rusça - toggle Telaffuz
с. коленчатый рычаг, колено, костыль, продолговатая деревянная пуговица, флаг
İngilizce - İspanyolca - toggle Telaffuz
s. alamar, palanca de apoyo, rótula; cabilla; tensor
v. sujetar con cabilla
İngilizce - Arnavutça - toggle Telaffuz
n. pykë druri, kopsë druri, kunj, nyjëtim, bërryl
İngilizce - Flemenkçe - toggle Telaffuz
zn. knevel; dwarsstaaf
ww. vastzetten met een dwarsstaaf
İngilizce - Yunanca - toggle Telaffuz
ουσ. συνδετήρ, μπαρέτα, κρίκος
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İngilizce - Çince - toggle Telaffuz
(名) 绳针, 套索钉
(动) 拴牢; 系紧
İngilizce - Çince - toggle Telaffuz
(名) 繩針, 套索釘
(動) 拴牢; 繫緊
İngilizce - Japonca - toggle Telaffuz
(動) 留め木する, 長い棒やねじで強化する; 位置を変える
(名) ロープの輪の滑り止めのためまたは何かをつけるための長いピンや棒; 留め木ボタン; 留め木ボタンで縛った結び目; フレームに使う光線の支え(劇場); レバーを弧状に動かすことによって作動する電気スイッチ, トグルスイッチ
İngilizce - Korece - toggle Telaffuz
명. 비녀장, 토글 이음쇠, 막대 모양의 장식 단추
동. 비녀장으로 붙잡아 매다
İfade biçimleri
noun: a fastener consisting of a peg or pin or crosspiece that is inserted into an eye at the end of a rope or a chain or a cable in order to fasten it to something (as another rope or chain or cable)
noun: any instruction that works first one way and then the other; it turns something on the first time it is used and then turns it off the next time
noun: a hinged switch that can assume either of two positions
verb: provide with a toggle or toggles
Title: toggle nedir? toggle ne demek?

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Fiil çekimleri
Present participle: toggling
Present: toggle (3.person: toggles)
Past: toggled
Future: will toggle
Present conditional: would toggle
Present Perfect: have toggled (3.person: has toggled)
Past Perfect: had toggled
Future Perfect: will have toggled
Past conditional: would have toggled