İngilizce - Türkçe - suppose Telaffuz
f. farzetmek, varsaymak, düşünmek, sanmak, zannetmek, tahmin etmek, saymak, olduğuna inanmak, gerektirmek, gerekmek
İngilizce - Almanca - suppose Telaffuz
v. voraussetzen, glauben, annehmen
İngilizce - İngilizce - suppose Telaffuz
v. presume to be true, hypothesize; believe; think; consider as a possibility
v. suppose, assume; imagine, guess; reckon, grant
adj. supposed, assumed
İngilizce - Fransızca - suppose Telaffuz
v. supposer, croire
İngilizce - İtalyanca - suppose Telaffuz
v. supporre, ammettere; credere, pensare, immaginare; ritenere, presumere; presupporre, implicare
İngilizce - Portekizce - suppose Telaffuz
v. supor, crer
İngilizce - Rusça - suppose Telaffuz
г. полагать, думать, предполагать, допускать, подразумевать в качестве условия
İngilizce - İspanyolca - suppose Telaffuz
v. suponer, asumir, concebir, conjeturar, considerar, creer, hacer de cuenta y caso, hacerse cuenta, presumir
Fransızca - İngilizce - suppose Telaffuz
[supposé] adj. supposed, assumed
İngilizce - Arnavutça - suppose Telaffuz
v. mendoj, supozoj
İngilizce - Flemenkçe - suppose Telaffuz
ww. veronderstellen; geloven, aannemen
İngilizce - Yunanca - suppose Telaffuz
ρήμ. υποθέτω
İngilizce - Çince - suppose Telaffuz
(动) 推想, 猜想, 假设; 猜想, 料想
İngilizce - Çince - suppose Telaffuz
(動) 推想, 猜想, 假設; 猜想, 料想
İngilizce - Japonca - suppose Telaffuz
(動) 思う; 仮定する; 信じる; 推察する; 考察する
İngilizce - Korece - suppose Telaffuz
동. 상상하다, 가정하다; 생각하다, 추측하다
İfade biçimleri
verb: express a supposition
verb: require as a necessary antecedent or precondition Example:This step presupposes two prior ones.
verb: take for granted or as a given; suppose beforehand Example:I presuppose that you have done your work.
verb: expect, believe, or suppose
verb: to believe especially on uncertain or tentative grounds Example:Scientists supposed that large dinosaurs lived in swamps.
Title: suppose nedir? suppose ne demek?

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Benzer kelimeler
presume: infer, give, presuppose, assume, deem, believe
Fiil çekimleri
Present participle: supposing
Present: suppose (3.person: supposes)
Past: supposed
Future: will suppose
Present conditional: would suppose
Present Perfect: have supposed (3.person: has supposed)
Past Perfect: had supposed
Future Perfect: will have supposed
Past conditional: would have supposed